Event 1

Internship Mela

Event 2

Building Sustainable Successs with Digital Technology

Event 3

New Age Entrepreneurship: Why and How.

Event 4

Comprehensive Case Study-based B-plan Exercise.

Event 5

Understanding Financial Statements (Advanced)

Event 6

Competitions in Vishwakarandak 2016

Event 7

Fresher Introduction Meet and Lecture

Event 8

Design your Own future

Event 9

Case Study on EDC’s Across the World (One Each)

Event 10

Case Study on one Entrepreneur of Your Choice

Event 11

Case Study on Brexit ( Exit of Britain from Europe)

Event 12

Internship Mela – II

Event 13

Finance Sense for Engineers Workshop

Event 14

Guest session

Event 15

Inspirational Speech on the Eve of Women’s Day Celebrations

Event 16

Global Students Entrepreneur Awards

Event 17

National Ideation Boot Camp in Association with NIT Trichy

Event 18

Lecture on Basic Economics for Entrepreneurs

Event 19

General Enterprising Tendency Test (GETT)

Event 20

Guest Lecture

Event 21

Internship Mela – I

Event 22


Event 23

Workshop on: Business & Wealth

Event 24

Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive with eCell, IIT Kharagpur

Event 25

Inspirational Speech

Event 26

Candid Talk

Event 27

Inspirational Speech

Event 28

Entrepreneurship Awareness Program