About Us

            Internship Mela is the flagship event of Entrepreneurship Development Centre, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune. It has been a success every year since its inception, and in its forth edition it seeks to do even better the role it was created for.

What is Internship Mela?

                Pune's Largest Student Intersnship Fair, Internship Mela, is an innovative confluence that brings together the entrepreneurial minds of the industry in the form of Start-ups and facilitates their interaction with the youth.
                Start-ups are brought in close contact with the students who have an instinct for Entrepreneurship, fuelling the need to solve the problems of the Industry & society in general.

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Join the 2500+ most talented students and 80+ startups from in and around Pune for the best recruiting experience around.

The Philosophy

                With several government schemes working in favour of and promoting the inception of start-ups, the number of start-ups is going on increasing. But one problem that most start-ups face is the non-availability of a good workforce that can support the start-up in its ever dynamically changing environment. Having someone from a corporate background adapt to the challenges in a start-up culture can be very challenging.
                Several college students are also left with the question of how to pursue their interests. They have varied domains, but do not have the necessary experience in their domain of interest so that they can explore it further. What would help the students is a hands-on experience in a company that would show them how things work, and yet get to play a prominent leadership role where they really fully understand how things work.
                In comes Internship Mela, V-EDC's flagship event that is an answer to the above conundrums. We believe that having a platform where students and start-ups can freely interact and mutually benefit is a good place to start. Not only does this mean that up-and-growing start-ups get to interact with one another, but also that they are faced with a massive student crowd, all looking to apply for the company where their skills could work best. As for the students, there could be no better opportunity for gaining experience than finding such a diverse variety of companies in and outside their fields of interest in one place, so as to choose the one to apply to.
                It is a win-win situation for all, and this is what drives us each year into this unique activity.
                The third edition of Internship Mela seeks to connect even more students to an even larger start-up culture that's brewing. The first edition saw 50 start-ups and about 1000 students. The second edition saw 80 registered start-ups and experienced a footfall of about 2000. This year, the expectation is that the crowd will reach an overwhelming 3000 students across several different colleges, all seeking to apply into as many start-ups as possible.
                What are you waiting for? Join us - student or start-up, you're in for a wonderful experience.

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If you have any further questions, please contact us at edc@vit.edu

FAQs - Students

Companies are hiring for a variety of positions - about 50% are non-engineering. Please refer to register section and fill out the registration form.

Please check out our Meet the Startups page and check out the fields for which they are hiring the students for and find your right choice.

The Internship Mela is exclusive to startup companies. These range from a few to several hundred employees in size.

Startups are newly founded companies looking to revolutionize their industries (think Facebook back in the day). Most of these companies will offer paid internships/jobs.

Yes, you need to pay an entry fee of Rs 50/- only. Prior registration is mandatory.

Just wear whatever you're comfortable in. No need for suits and ties!

Yes! Companies will want a hard copy to look at during the fair.

FAQs - Startups

This is a career fair exclusive to startups. If you're unsure as to whether your company is considered a startup, please feel free to shoot us an email.

We've got them all. Student attendees range from undergraduate to graduate students from all colleges across the Pune and other parts of Maharashtra. We are specifically targeting our top-ranked College of Engineering, Business Schools, and School of Art and Design.

Registration cost is a one-time Rs.1,000/- fee that covers a stall at the Internship Mela, food, and access to student resumes.

Gifting Partners

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S K Energy

Stipend:- 15000

Interns:- 2

Genie On Hire

Stipend:- 5000

Interns:- 3

Business Zoomer

Stipend:- 5000

Interns:- 3


Stipend:- 8000

Interns:- 2

Teach Me Buddy

Stipend:- 12000

Interns:- 20

Creaxt Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Stipend:- 3000

Interns:- 10


Stipend:- 3000

Interns:- 3

SOAR International LLP

Stipend:- 3000~7000

Interns:- 3

Nxtsource Renewables & Infra Pvt Ltd

Stipend:- 5000

Interns:- 5


Stipend:- 5000

Interns:- 15

Genrich Membranes Pvt. Ltd.

Stipend:- 2000

Interns:- 3

Leonard World Tours

Stipend:- 1000~5000

Interns:- 5

MyAmichi Ltd

Stipend:- 5000~7000

Interns:- 5


Stipend:- 5000

Interns:- 40

Onama Consultants Pvt Ltd

Stipend:- 5000

Interns:- 2

Connexis Technologies

Stipend:- 3000

Interns:- 5


Stipend:- 3000

Interns:- 4


Stipend:- 3000

Interns:- 5