Its Pune’s Largest Student Internship Fair, Internship Mela, is an innovative confluence that brings together the entrepreneurial minds of the industry in the form of Companies/Start-ups and facilitates their interaction with the youth. Companies/Start-ups are brought in close contact with the students who have an instinct for Entrepreneurship, fueling the need to solve the problems of the Industry & society in general.

Benefits of

  •  Get a summer internship based on your profile.

  •  Have a scope of working for the most dynamic environment – start-ups

  • Take the lead in making important decisions for the organization

  •  Add value to their resume with Internship experience

Students Participation









Learned How Corporate Works

Internship Mela was the first step which helped me to bridge the gap between my college work and the real businesses. It gave me an opportunity to incorporate my skills and hobbies in professional work. I got an internship in AstronEra, Pune as a Graphic Designer through IM’19. It was absolute a worthwhile experience which taught me a lot of things not only in my working interests but also in other domains. It helped to build connections out of campus, and I learnt how an independent/corporate team works and what it takes or needs to be one of them.

Anant Dhok
Anant Dhok
Built my Network

I was looking for a summer internship in my SY that’s when I got to know about VIT’s internship mela. I registered for it and went to the event. So in the mela I registered for 3 companies one of them being onShape, the company which i got selected in with a stipend on 20000rs. The internship was for two months and i was in RnD department working on the android app.It was a wonder experience as i got to learn many new things, interact with the clients, build my network and much more.

Ankit Mane
Ankit Mane
TYComp Science
Learning Opportunities

I got the chance to work as an R&D intern at Onshape. I had applied to 3 startups out of which Onshape was the one to give me an interview call. My work at Onshape was with its ETL pipeline for the Enterprise Analytics team. I got to learn various new technologies like AWS Redshift, Mongodb, Airflow among others. Not only I got to know a lot of advanced stuff there, but it also made me revisit many computer science fundamental concepts. As a whole, it helped to boost my confidence in my technical viability. And this is what platforms like Internship Mela provide you with. You get such a great learning opportunity which your syllabus can't give. I'd suggest students right from their first year to do as many internships as possible.

Vikas Pathak
Vikas Pathak